The History of Paint-by-Numbers

The paint-by-numbers craze began in the 1950s and paint-by-numbers kits could be found in nearly every household. The kits were simple to use and allowed even the most amateur of painters to create a “masterpiece.”

The kits were typically comprised of a small paintbrush, a set of numbered paint pots, and a printed canvas. The canvas was usually pre-divided into a grid with each section corresponding to a number. The painter simply had to match the number on the canvas to the number on the paint pot and fill in the section.

Paint-by-numbers became increasingly popular in the 1950s as more and more people looked for ways to relax and unwind. The kits were seen as a way to create art without having to be an expert.

Today, paint-by-numbers kits are still available and continue to be popular among those who want to relax and create a beautiful work of art.

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