Art 101: How Is Paint-By-Numbers Created?

Paint-by-numbers is a form of art in which each section of a predrawn image is assigned a unique number that corresponds to a specific color of paint. The goal of paint-by-numbers is to produce a finished product that closely resembles the original image.

The first step in creating a paint-by-numbers image is to sketch out the rough outline of the scene or object to be depicted. Once the outline is complete, the artist will begin assigning numbers to different sections of the drawing. These numbers will correspond to specific colors of paint that the artist will use to fill in the image.

Once the numbers have been assigned, the artist can begin painting. The first step is to paint the background color, which is typically a light color such as white or yellow. Once the background color is in place, the artist can begin filling in the sections of the image with the corresponding paint colors.

As the artist paints each section, they will need to be careful to stay within the lines. Once the entire image is complete, the paint-by-numbers process is finished and the artist should have a finished product that looks very similar to the original sketch.

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