Tips and tricks for painting a Bengal Tiger

Tips and tricks for painting a Bengal Tiger

1. Find a good quality Bengal tiger print to use as a reference. You can find these online or in libraries.

2. Sketch your outline of the tiger onto your canvas using a light pencil. You want to be able to erase these lines later, so don't press too hard.

3. Once you have the basic outline of the tiger, start painting in the base colors. For a Bengal tiger, this will be a light orange color.

4. Once the base color is down, start painting in the stripes. For this, you will want to use a darker orange color.

5. To add some depth to the stripes, you can paint in a few shadow stripes. These should be a bit darker than the main stripes and will add some dimension to your painting.

6. The final step is to add some highlights. You can do this by painting in some white stripes. This will really make the tiger pop and give it a realistic look.

7. Once you're finished, step back and admire your work! You've just painted a beautiful Bengal tiger.

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