How to paint a black and white skunk in watercolor

How to paint a black and white skunk in watercolor

Assuming you want a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Begin by sketching out your skunk with a pencil on watercolor paper. If you're not confident in your freehand abilities, you can find a printable skunk template online and use that as a guide.

2. Once you're happy with your sketch, it's time to start painting. For the base layer of your skunk, mix some black and white paint together to create a light grey color. Paint this all over your skunk, except for the areas that will be white (you can leave those blank for now).

3. Once the grey paint is dry, start adding in the white patches. You may want to use a small brush for this, to ensure that your white paint doesn't inadvertently get mixed in with the grey.

4. Once the white paint is dry, you can start working on the black parts of the skunk. Using pure black paint, fill in the skunk's eyes, nose, and any other areas that should be black.

5. To finish up, add in any final details like whiskers or stripes, using a thin brush. And that's it! Your black and white skunk is now complete.

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