How to make your Bengal Tiger painting look realistic

How to make your Bengal Tiger painting look realistic

Adding realistic details to your Bengal tiger painting can turn an average painting into an extraordinary one! Here are some tips to help you bring your painting to life:

1. Use reference photos: A good reference photo is essential for painting any animal, but especially tigers, since they are so intricately patterned. Make sure to choose a photo that has good lighting and clearly shows the tiger's markings.

2. Paint the eyes first: The eyes are the most important part of the painting, so make sure to get them right. Start by painting the irises a bright yellow, then add the pupils and white highlights.

3. Add the stripes: Tigers have very distinct stripes, so it's important to paint them accurately. Start with the darkest stripes and then work your way up to the lighter ones. Use a thin brush for this part so that the stripes are nice and sharp.

4. Paint the fur: Use a dry brush technique to paint the fur. Start with a light color and then add darker colors in the shadows. Work in small sections so that the paint doesn't dry before you have a chance to blend it.

5. Add the finishing touches: Finally, add some finishing touches like whiskers, highlights, and shadows. These will really make your painting pop and look realistic.

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